- Main Activities in 16 Years -



3.28 19:30 Daegu concert house grand hall

144th Daegu municipal choir concert -cond. Ahn, Seung-Tai

"Genial Songs-in the center of 1948" arr. by Chin, Kyu-yung

3.28 19:30 International Arthall in Seoul

"Words and Songs-2019 spring with poets of Kim,Sa-in

player: Seo ,Pil(ten.)  Han ,Bang-won(piano)

3songs :"empty room" "The road to May" "stick together"

3.8 19:30  Turkey Eskisehir city hall

Daegu MBC sym.- Invited Concert (cond.Chin,sol)

"From the Orient" for va. solo and str. orch.(va. solo:Bae Eunjin)

"Memory of Korean early song for str. orch.



12.28 19:30 Artpia yong-gi hall

regular concert  of Daegu MBC sym.


piano solo :Lee,Taeggi  cond. Chin,Sol

10.11 19:30   Sejong chamber hall

16th regular concert of VECM

 -Let's song Korean history arr. by Chin,kyu-yung

6.29  19:30 Artpia muhak hall

 -Korean Modern Classic-

4 songs with chon, Sang-byung poet (cond. Chin,sol)

5.17  70th Anniversary concert for composer Chin Kyu-yung  in Ufa, Russia

Ufa city choir and ordh.(cond.German Kim)

Invited singers from Korea :Mun,Hye-Young, Oh,kyung-hee(Sop.)

Lee,Byung-lyul(m. sop.)  Lee,dong-uk(ten)

program:Symphonic poem"Reminiscence of me"

From the Orient for alto flute and str.orch.

songs: "Namhaegumsan","The Lake""Deaf to the world"  "milyang-Arirang" "Dumi irland"

chorus:Arirang and Gang-gang sul-rae   



10.17 19:30  Happoman contemporary music festival

"Way" for sop. played sop. Yu So-young and Jazz ensemble

5.18  19:30 Seoul Art center recital hall

Art Songs concert com. by Chin,Kyu-yung

players:Lee,hyun-min, Chai,Eun-hee, Park,Chung-suk, Kim,hyun-sim,   Song,Young-ok, Chin,su-mi (sop.)

Lee,Chong-suk(M.sop.) Gyuon,yong-man(Bar.)


songs: 16 songs com. by Chin, including "Lake""before the waterfall""pine tree"

4.14   20:00  olympus hall

 -Words and Songs-

"Lake" and  Namhaegumsan"played by Chang Chul(bar) and Han,  Bang-won(Piano)   



2016 3.22 19:30 Invitation Concert of Korean composers

(Susung Artpia)

Daegu MBC Sympony Orchestra cond. by Kushtrim Gashi

sop.youn-yun Yang

performed piece: Die Heimkehrfor sop. and ensemble

2016. 2.4 19:30 The planing Concert of Daegu city choir

(Grand hall of Concdert house)

cond. Seung-Tae Ahn

performed piece : The festive Korean volk songs

Bang-a Taryung

Song of farmer.

Song of fisherman

arr. by Kyu-yung Chin



2015.12.30 13:00 Composer series of our period(Youngsan art hall)

planned by Bang-won HAN

sop. Hyesun Kim bar: Daesu Kim accom. Bang-won Han

performed pieces: 5 songs,.including The Lake

2015. 11.18 16:00 The 2nd New music Concert-Ars Musica in Humana

(Gunsan uni. concert hall)

performed piece : In the Orient for piano

player: Jun Kim

2015. 9.18 19:30 The 18th Regular Concert of Daegu MBC Sym.

(Susung Artpia)

performed piece : KOREA 70 for sop. and Orch

sop. : Byung-Lyul LEE cond. Dong-Shin LEE

Neue Instrumental Konzerte aus Korea und Deutschland

2015. 6.27 19:30 Darmstadt Akademie Grossersaal

2015. 7.01 16:00 Memorial Hall of H.B. Henze in Rome

2015. 7.04 19:30 Heilig Geist Saal at Nurnberg

performed piece : From the Orientfor alto flute and string esemble

player: Ensemble Forminx and Daegu MBC soloists

2015. 4.02 20:00 2015 Orchestra Festival (Seoul Art Center)

performed piece: Symponic poem South Sea

Daegu Symphony Orchestra cond. Julian Kovatchev

2015. 2.27 19:30 Daegu MBC Symphony Orchestra 15th Regular Concert

(Susung Artpia)

performed piece: CONTRAST for Violin and Orch.

cond. Dongshin LEE

Violin solo: Sang-jum SHIN



2014. 10.29 19:30 Opening Concert of Jinju International Music Festival

(Kyung-nam Culture center)

KBS Symphony Orchestra cond.: Grzegorz Nowak

performed piece: symphonic poem Reminiscence of me

2014. 4.03 19:30 SONG of my heart (Daegu Concert house)

Daegu city choir cond. :Gi-sun LEE

performed piece :Song of south sea

     1. At dawn..

     2. Yunhwa island

     3. Haepyung Lyolyo

     4. Boat song



2013.11.13    For new Begining-composer Kyu-yung CHIN

performed snails gallop and Episode for Orch. by MBC symphony (cond:Jihwan KIM)

2013.10.21.   New Korean Songs 2013

place: Sejong M-theater

performed I can,t be patient for tenor and pf.

performers : ten. Young-hwa LEE pf. Yang-myoung CHO



2012.12.07. Ensemble OPUS classic fantasia series Stories for winter night

place: Sejong chamber hall

Three songs,written by the poets of KO-EUN,commissioned by OPUS ensemble

1.Chon-un temple

2.Eoh Island


performers: sop. Byung Lyul LEE Vn. Ju-young BAEK,Ahra CHO

va. Sumin SEO vc. Minji KIM pf. moon-young CHAE

2012.7.07. 17:00   20th Randes Festspiele Zepernick in Germany

place : Sankt-Ahnen Kirche

performed Prophecy for sop. pf. chimes

performers: sop. Byung-Lyul LEE pf: Young-pil CHOI

chime: Young-min CHOI

2012.4.19. 19:30 127th Regular concert of Seoul Municipal choir

place: Sejong M-theather

performed ArirangSpinning song etc.

2012.2.27. 19:30 Prades Casals Festival in Korea

place:Kyungnam culture center

Two landscapes for vn. cla. and pf.

performers: vn. So-ock KIM cla. Michel Lethiec pf. Jong-hwa PARK



2011.11.15. 72th Regular Concert of Ulsan municipal choir

place: Ulsan culture center

performed Arirang, Spinning song,Rice-planting song

Mill song,New geomundo boating song Gang-Gang-Sul-Rae Eohdosana( cond. Myung-yeub KIM)

2011.10.14. 20:00 36th regular Concert of Prospective music society

place: Seoul Art-center Recital hall

performed Die Heimkehr for sop. and ensemble

(sop. byung-Lyul LEE)

2011. 10.11. 19:30 17th Happoman Contemporary Music festival

place: munsin Gallery in Changwon city

performed Saxphone solo-At a night with a hazy moon by Barrie Webb

2011.9.16. 19:30 6th CHAMBER ORCH. Series of UNJI society

place: Youngsan Art hall

peformed From the EAST for viola solo and str. orch.

by Hwaeum Chamber Orch.



2010.9.24. 20:00 9th Regular concert of PIANO ON

place:Seoul art center Recital hall

performed Folk Rhythm on E for 2 pianos by Sun-Hyung KIM and Young-Jin LEE

2010.7.02 18th Randes Spiele Zepernick in Germany

place: Sankt-Ahnen Kirche

performed Daegum-Sori for Fl. and 2 perc. by Eric Drescher(Fl.) Claudia Scarbi(perc.) Ewa Korolczyk(Perc.)

2010.6.22. 16:00 20th Daegu International Contemporary Music Festival place:Susung Artpia

performed In the Orient for piano solo by Patric Obyrne

2010.2.26. 19:30 116th Regular concert of Seoul municipal choir

place : Sejong chamber hall

performed Hanmadang of Sung-tae KIM,s songs

cond. Sang-hun LEE



2009.9.24. 19:30 Mono Opera Love song of Bulmokhani

place : youngsan art hall

Main role : sop. Byung-lyul LEE

Text : Young-Jo Ko Cond. : Sanghun LEE

Music direc. Hui-sung CHOI

Choir: Sung-gyul College concert choir

2009. 2.6. 19:30 Organ Music of Korean composers

place: youngsan art hall

Mannam for organ solo

performed by Kyung-nim CHUNG



2006.9.27. "OPEN the GATE" for Low voice and Korean Traditional Orchestra - commissioned and performed by Busan municipal traditional orchestra cond. Ho-sung PARK

2006.6.8. "Autumn of Jinju city"for chorus -commissioned and performed by Jinju municipal choir. cond. Seung-yup LEE

2006.5.4. "Song in praise of Boksa-gol"for chorus -commissioned and performed by Pu-chun phil-chorus. cond. Sang-hun LEE

2006.4.21. Symphonic Poem "SOUTH SEA"-performed by Daegu municipal phil-harmony cond. Hyun-se LEE



2005.11.17.   Song- "I go, along" (poet: Yong-chul Park)

"A requiem" (poetess: Seung-sun LEE)- performed at Korean Cultural Center, located at Tokyo, Japan

2005.11.2. "The future of the ground" for sop. and orch. - performed by Chugye Symphony Orchestra. cond. Young-min Park(Seoul Art Center, supported by PAN Music Festival)

2005.10.20. APEC CANTATA "BU-SAN" - commissioned and performed by Busan and Kimhae municipal choir. cond. Kang-gyu KIM

2005.9.4. Two Lines for Violin and Viola -performed by Ludus Ensemble at Grandhotel Giessbach, Swissland



2004.10.8. "Prophet 1" for sop. piano and chime-supported by Prospective Composers Group.(sop. :Byung-lyul LEE piano:Hyuk KIM chime: Kyu-yung CHIN)

2004.10.11. Prelude and Fugue, based on Arirang Melody for organ, -performed by Myung-ja CHO.(Young-san Art-hall)



2003.9.26. Iedo-sana,Kang-kang-sul-rae for chorus -performed by Bu-chun municipal choir, supported by Korean Chorus Festival in Daegu city.



2002.12.6. Cantata "The hometown of the forest"-commissioned by Seoul National Symphony Orch. and performed by Saitama choir from Japan, Oratorio Singers, Korean children choir, Seoul National Symphony Orch. Cond. Byung-chul Choi.(KBS Hall)



2001.10.6.   In the Orient for piano, selected for the competition at ISCM world Music Days and performed by Satoshi INAGAKI at Yokohama hall.

2001.10.19.  The Future of the Ground for sop. and orch.-commissioned and performed by Tokyo Philharmonic Orch. sop.: Byung-Lyul LEE, cond. : Watanabe (Tokyo Opera-city Concerthall)

2001.6.27. FREEDOM for sop. and orch.- performed by Seoul Municipal orch. and supported by Prospective Composers Group.(sop.: Byung-lyul LEE cond.:Chi-yong Chung)

2001.4.13-15. "Two days and two nights"of new music in Odessa,Ukrine

"In the Orient" for piano performed by kyung-ok KIM



2000.11.9.   JSCM 70 Anniversary 2000 ( Yokohama, Japan )

"You are an echo"for Korean traditional voice and Kayagum - supported by ISCM Japan section.

2000.8.5.  Asian Music Week in Yokohama, Japan

"Daegum-sori" for Flute and perc.-performed by Shanghai New Ensemble, supported by A.C.L.

2000.6.27. Korean-American Exchange Concert at New York(Frederic Loewe Hall)

"PRAJNA" for sop.perc. and tape -performed by Sop. Byung-lyul LEE and Perc. Frank Picarazzi.





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