1."Namhae-gumsan"( poet ; Sung-bok LEE)

2."Bird" (poet : Sang-byung CHUN)

3."Road" (poet : Sang-byung CHUN)

4."Deaf to the world"(poet : Sung-bok LEE)

5."An Attachment " (poet : Oyan-young CHUNG)

6."A Lake "(poetess : Chung-hee MUN)

7.Truly, You were there.(poet : Su-hwan Yang)

8.Halleluja"(from Psalms in Bible )

9. "Prophet 1"(from Isaiah in Bible )

(1)The piece of the world

(2)The resurrection

(3)Alleluja- New heavens and a new earth

10.Like the tree."(poet : Sun-young CHUNG)

11."Broken arrow"(poet : Sun-young CHUNG)

12."Milyang Arirang" ( from the Korean folks )

13."Toast the blossom wine"(poet : Sun-young CHUNG)

14."Song of the port"(poet : Man-sung CHUN)

15."Dal-lae Baram"(poet : Man-sung CHUN)1993

16."A pine tree"(poetess : Hyang-LIM RO )1993

17."Train-station"(poetess : Seung-sun LEE)1999

18.The hometown of the heart "(poet : Gun-hum CHIN)1999

19."The regret "(poet : Gun-hum CHIN)1999

20."I saw the flower in your heart."(poetess : MI-jung SONG)2000.8.

21."The world where I dream."(poetess : Jung-ja KIM)2001.4

22."Song of a leaf."(poet : Chang-guk HONG)2001.6

23."A lake"(poet : Ji-yong CHUNG)2002.8

24."In front of the fall" (poet: Ho-seung CHUNG)2003.2

25."Before I met thee."( poet : Do-hyun AHN) 2003.3

26."BISUL Mountain"( poetess : Hwang-hee KIM) 2003.6

27."A requiem"( poetess : Seung-sun LEE) 2004.2.

28. "A remote country"( poet : Chun-bok SUNG) 2004.4

29."MAKULLY"-Korean rice wine( poet : Sun-chul LEE) 2005.2

30. "Leaving boat"( poet : Yong-chul PARK) 2005.7

31."Not that a man of integrity"( poet Sang-byung CHUN) 1993

32." When the flower is coming to me"( poet : Gun-bae LEE) 2005.9

33."The road, isn,t ended yet."( poetess : Young-su CHU) 2005.9

34." My love is..."( poet : Jae-sam PARK)2006.9

35. "The New Year's Eve"( poet : Su-ik LEE)2006.9

36. "About the disappearing" ( poet : Ja-hyo LIU) 2006.9

37. love song (2006)

38. Queen Sun-duck (2009)

39. Gok River (2009)

40. Autumn again (2009)

41. A by-channel of a river (2010)

42.Wind... (2010)

43. To the home town (2010)

44. Sea of Tong-Young with the rest (2011)

45. Sae of Tong-young (2012)

46. Longing island DUMIDO (2013)

47. Icant be patient (2013)

48. Srirang of Jella -do (2013)

49.Tong-yeung 8 sightseeing places(2014)

50.Ssrirang of Jeolla Province (2014)

51.The place where it begins... (2015)

52.Rain of spring (2016)



1."Samgak" for clarinet and piano

2."A sea in the ribs"for 6 voices and 1 percussionist.

3."Sketch" for Bass clarinet and Vibraphone.

4. Three phenomenons" for soprano, perc.,tape.

5."The place where Jesus is..." for baritone, soprano ,perc., tape.

6".Myoung-sang" for soprano and 3 percussionists.

7."PRANJA" for M.soprano ,perc., tape.

8."Epitaph" for soprano, baritone and tape.

9."A night of autumn"for oboe, perc. and tape.

10."Two lines" for violin and viola.(1993)

11."TRIO" for flute, clarinet and piano.(1994)

12."Daegum-sori" for flute and 2 percussionists(1995)

13."Landscape of Old City" for 6 percussionists(1996)

14."SEON" for string quartet(1996)

15."Birth-Gloaming" for baritone, flute and perc.(1997)

16."contrast and harmony"for 2 plutes(1998)

17."You are an echo"for traditional style voice, gayagum and geomungo.(2000)

18."Mazubogi" for gayagum and geomungo.(2001)

19."AMITIE" for clarinet quartet(2005)

20."Two Landscapes" for violin clarinet and piano(2005)

21."Die Heimkehr" for sop. and chamber ensemble (2007)

22." Reminiscence of me 2" for ensemble(2008)

23.A Snail's Gallop" for sop. vn. va. vc. and chime(2008)

24.Folk Rhythm on E for 2 pianos (2009)

25.Three songs, written by the poets of KO-EUN

1.Chon-un temple

2.Eoh Island




1."Seon 1" for cello

2."Seon 2" for piano

3."Seon 3" for clarinet

4."Dung-sil dance" for piano

5."Sketch 2" for piano

6."Seon 4" for oboe

7."Nonfigurativeness"for piano

8."Nonfigutativeness 2" for piano(1997)

9."Three sketches" for piano(1999)

10.In the Orient" for piano(2000)

11.Loved song" for gayagum(2000)

12.Prelude and Fugue based on Arirang Melody for organ(2003-2004)

13.Man-nam for organ solo (2009)

14. Saxophone solo At night with a haze moon


Ensemble, Orchester works and more

1."Requiem Song"for Sop., male chorus, string ensemble and perc.

2."Prophet 2" for 4 vocal soloists and orchester.

3."Memory of Baroque" for orchester

4."Song for the night" for flute and string ensemble and perc.(1991)

5."Four Songs with texts from Sang-byung CHUN, for baritone, flute,

string ensemble and perc.

6."Freedom"with the text from Byung-hwa CHO for soprano and orchester

7."YUT-NORI" for tenor and korean traditional orchester.

8. Symphonic Poem " The south sea"(1998)

9."The future of the ground" for soprano and orchester.(2001)

10. MUSIC DRAMA Love songs of Bulmokhani" for sop. mixed chorus,

children's choir and orchester.(2002.2)

11."SORI" for geomungo ensemble.(2002.5)

12.CANTATA "Song of the forest" for 4 soloists, mixed chorus, children's choir,

and orchester.(2002.10)

13."Elegy" for sop. and korean traditional orchester.(2003.9)

14."Open the gate" for the low voice and korean traditional orchester.(2006)

15.From the orientfor viola solo and string orch.

16.CONTRAST for violin solo and orch. (2014)

17.KOREA 70 for sop.solo and orch.(2015)


Electro-acoustic Music

1."RETROGRADE" for tape(1979)

2."A MYTH" for tape.(1988)

3.Point-Line-Point -Space(1989)

4. "A FANTASY" for tape

5."Time travel" for tape.



1."A Monument without shadow" (Dance music 1974)

2."Long travel"(Dance 1990)

3."Dance Movement"(Dance 1990)

4"SINAWIE" 2000 (Dance 1996)

5."Come, and mix the earth and the body!" (Dance 1996)

6."The report about the salmon"(Dance 1997)

7."Butterfly cafe"(Dance 1997)

8."Time Travel"(Dance 1997)

9."Why has Bodhi-Dharma left for the east?"(Movie-music 1989 Yong-gyun BAE Production)

10. "A story of a horse"(theater-music 1997)

11."No worse than this time."(theater-music 1998)



1."Kite" for male chorus

2."Ave-maria" for male chorus (possible for female)

3."Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?" for mixed chorus

4."Resurrection-Halleluja" for mixed chorus.

5."A boat song" for mixed chorus

6."Prophet" for Sop. Bar. solo mixed chorus and perc.(1997_)

7.A song for transplanting rice seedling",for mixed chorus(1998)

8. "A song for spinning"for mixed chorus(1998)

9." 8 Landscapes of Daejun city"for sop. tenor ,flute, perc.,and mixed chorus(1999)

10."A lotus flower"for mixed chorus(1999)

11.CANTATA "A tower of wisdom toward the new millenium"(1999)

12."CHOSUNDAE" for mixed chorus(2001)

13."Song of south sea"


2) "Song of farmer"

3) "KANG-KANG-SUL-RAE" for mixed chorus(2003)


1) Amor

2) Pax

3) Excelsus

4) Concordia (2005)

15."Gorae-Gorae-Gorae" for mixed chorus(2005)

16."Song in praise of Boksa-gol" for mixed chorus (2006)

17."Autumn of Jinju city" for mixed chorus(2006)

18.whale (2009)

19.Hanmadang of Sung-tae KIMs song (2010)

20.Songs of South Sea (2014)

-commissioned by Daegu city choir.

1. At dawn 2. Yun-hwa island 3.Haepyung Lyolyo 4.Boat song

21.Korean Volks Songs (2016)

-commissioned by Daegu city choir

1. Bang-a Taryung 2. Song of farmer 3. Song of fisherman



1.'Myoung-sang" for sop.and 3 percussionists(1987. Daegu-Munhwa Publ.)

2."Prophet 2" for 4 vocalists and orch. (1989. Abraham planning)

3."A requiem" for male chorus, str.ensemble and perc.(1989. Abraham Planning)

4."Sam-gak" for cla. and piano(1989. Abraham planning)

5."A sea in the ribs" for 6 voices and perc.(1989 Abraham planning)

6.Chorus music of Kyu-yung CHIN "A Kite"(1989 Abraham planning)

7.Song collection of Kyu-yung CHIN "BIRD"(1987 Abraham planning)

8."Non figurativeness" for piano (1993 Abraham planning)

9."A song for the night"for flute ,str.orch. and perc.(1993 Abraham planning)

10."PRAJNA" for sop. perc. and tape.(1993 Abraham planning)

11."Four songs with texts from Sang-byung CHUN"for Bar. fl. Str.ensemble and perc.

(1998 Abraham planning)

12."Two Lines" for Violin and Viola(1993.Abraham Planning)

13." 8 Landscapes of DAEJUN city"(1999, Daejun publ.)



1. Kyu-Yung CHIN collection 1(2000)-A song for the night, Sam-gak, Birth-gloaming,Myoung-Sang, SEON,

   Symphonic poem "South Sea"

2. Daegu International Music Festival(1996)-A song for the night

3. Association for perspective music 1(2003)-In the orient

4. Contemporary songs collection of sop. Byung-lyul LEE(2006)- Muoung-Sang





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